A restaurant chef preparing a dish


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, The Pomodoro restaurant in Loves Park, IL had just recently opened. Shutting down for the pandemic was detrimental to the business, and owner Scott Frank was forced to think outside the box. Knowing that he needed to generate sales geared toward carryout and delivery, Scott created a ghost kitchen within the Pomodoro that focused on chicken wings that were baked instead of deep fried. Baked Wings was born!

As Baked Wings’ popularity grew, Scott had a vision that this concept could thrive on its own. His food sales rep, Bryan Suh, was helpful in conceptualizing the original ghost kitchen concept. So Bryan left his sales job to team up with Scott and create the first (of many!) Baked Wings in Loves Park, IL.

As you may have noticed, the logo and taglines of Baked Wings implies certain legalized recreational activities. However, this is simply a play on words with our “baked” chicken concept and is meant to create laughs in a world where all of us could use one every now and then. Baked Wings does not sell any type of CBD product or food.

We look forward to seeing you! -

Scott Frank, Bryan Suh & Marti Mckinney

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